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Sangoma A101
Sangoma A102
Sangoma A104 Quad Voice and Data Card
Sangoma A108 Octal (8 Port)
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Sangoma is a leading manufacturer of digital and analog interfaces for voice over IP.  Sangoma delivers superior audio quality for IP PBX's and is backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Use Sangoma cards to connect your IP PBX or appliance to reliable T1/E1 digital internet connections and traditional FXO / FXS analog telephone equipment.

Sangoma provides quality hardware products that enable telephony applications including legacy PBX, IVR, auto attendant, next generation gateways, media servers and application servers.


Sangoma is the premium provider of PC-based hardware and software for proprietary and open source based data and telephony transport solutions. Hardware solutions include T1,E1,BRI,FXO,FXS Analog & ADSL Cards in PCIe, PCI, USB & PMC formats.  Software solutions include wanpipe suite of Linux & Windows drivers and TDM protocol stacks: SS7, PRI, BRI, R2, CAS, FXO, FXS.   Full scale scale SIP to TDM gateways such as NetBorder Express and Sangoma Media Gateway.

T1: Highly reliable internet connection - 24 simultaneous calls per port
E1: Highly reliable internet connection - 30 simultaneous calls per port
FXO: Analog telephone line connection - 1 call per port
FXS: Analog telephone or fax machine connection - 1 device per port

Sangoma product line includes the Sangoma A101 ,the Sangoma A102.To learn more about the different product lines browse the categories below.