Activity NO.1
Online Buyer Exclusive
Itís time to enjoy a cup of coffee and take a breath. You are invited to Yealink Coffee Break. Get 1 Free Starbucks Ticket (8USD), with your valuable feedbacks to Yealink. Limited time and limited supply.

Activity NO.2
Online Buyer with Purchase of CP960/CP920 Exclusive
Because your reviews are important to us. With your purchase of the Yealink CP960 and CP920, we offer you a 20USD Starbucks Coffee Ticket. Itís simple to get the ticket in only 3 steps:
1. Give Your positive and sincere product reviews on your Yealink CP960/CP920.
2. Text comments your experience with your Yealink phone (30 words).
3. Submit it to Yealink.

Activity NO.3
Love Yealink CP960/CP920? Why not show us. With your video reviews of your Yealink conference phone, we provide you a 50USD Starbucks coffee ticket to enjoy a coffee break with your colleagues or friends. Itís also easy to get the ticket. Steps below!
1. Give your Positive and Sincere reviews on your Yealink CP960/CP920.
2. Film a small video about One Reason to Love Your Yealink CP960/CP920(30s-1min).
3. Submit the video to Yealink. Must be a qualified video. Check qualification below.
Qualify the video:
1. 480P or higher resolution.
2. Must put the phone in the scene correctly and appropriately.
3. At least 30 seconds.
4. Make sure you appear in the video to demonstrate the features you like most, or generally
  tell the main reason you like the phone.
Terms and Condition:
The activity ends while tickets last.
Online buyers exclusive.
  Each buyer (company) can only participate in one activity for one time.
$8 Starbucks ticket valid for all online SIP telephony buyers.
$20/$50 Starbucks ticket valid for buyers who purchased 1 or more Yealink CP960/CP920.
Must use the company email address to get the ticket.
Yealink will send over the tickets within 2 business days after receiving and confirming the
Yealink owns the right to use the video and the comments by legitimate means.
Yealink owns the right to interpret the activity and ends the activity at any time.
CP920 CP960
For Small- to Mid-sized Meeting Rooms For Mid- to Large-sized Meeting Rooms
Optima HD voice, full duplex Android 5.1 OS
Yealink Noise Proof Optima HD voice, full duplex
20ft voice pickup 20ft voice pickup
3.1Ē 248x120-pixel graphical LCD with Yealink Noise Proof
  backlight 5Ē touch screen, 720*1280-pixel
5-way voice conferencing 5-way voice conferencing
Seamless meeting invitation Support two wireless DECT microphones
Built in 3-microphone array   CPW90
Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB port Built-in Wi-Fi\Bluetooth
USB call recording Connect to PC via micro USB
    Support call recording
Products Materials

• Conference phone brochure   • Conference phone user scenario flyer
• CP960 data sheet   • CP920 data sheet   • Videos

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