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Wireless Phones > Wireless Phones WIFI phones > Unidata SQ-3100 Handset Cradle
Part No : SQ-3100

Unidata SQ-3100 Handset Cradle

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The SQ-3100 Video Conference Handset Cradle extends the functionality of the SQ-3000 Video Conference Handset combining the convenience and mobility of a handheld, with the functionality of a desktop phone.

The SQ-3100 provides mains power operation and charges the phone battery enabling 24/7 operation whilst in the dock, with six hours of voice call time or thee hours of video call time when on the move. It provides a wired network connection, reducing load on the wireless network. The SQ-3100 also enhances speaker phone volume and quality and enables control of the position and angle of the video image creating the ultimate user experience, at the desk or on the move. The SQ-3000 Video Conference Phone is a dual band Wi-Fi (802.11a and 802.11bg ) SIP phone and standards based (H.264) video conference system, enabling video conferencing between SQ-3000???s or between SQ-3000???s and other H.264 video conference systems. With inbuilt video camera and 2.8 inch 240x320 pixel touch screen it can record high-definition clips at 30 frames per second and play video clips in H.264 format.

  • Mains Power Operation
  • Wired Network Connection
  • Enhanced Speaker Phone Operation
  • Stylish and Convenient Desktop Video Conferencing
More About Unidata SQ-3100 Handset Cradle

1. High quality voice and video call

  • G.722.2 wideband voice codec
  • H.264 video codec
  • Up to 30 fps video transmission
  • Full duplex speaker phone function

2. SIP Wireless Handset

  • WPA, WOA2, 802.1x
  • Hold, Transfer, Conferencing, Message Waiting Indicator

3. Multi-media Functions

  • MP3 player
  • Video Player (QVGA)
  • Personal Organiser
  • Image Viewer
  • Full browsing Internet access

4. Auto Provisioning

  • via DHCP/TFTP/HTTP(s)

5. Long Battery Life

  • 3 hours video time
  • 6 hours voice time

Package Content

  • UniData SQ-3100 Docking Station for SQ-3000
  • Wallmout Bracket