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Sangoma > Sangoma SANGOMA > Sangoma A104 Quad Voice and Data Card
Part No : cy-A104

Sangoma A104 Quad Voice and Data Card

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Sangoma A104 provides 4 T1 and or E1 lines to support high performance PCI-based routing and telephony systems including Asterisk Open Source PBX and Freeswtich. Advanced clocking features allow E1 and T1 lines to be mixed with full synchronization. As part of Sangomas AFT range of products, the Sangoma A104 makes use of the same high performance PCI interface that has been deployed in large quantities all over the world.

The Sangoma A104 supports up to 120 voice calls or 8.192 Mbps of full duplex data throughput over four T1, E1, or J1 lines. .

Take advantage of hardware and software improvements, as soon as they become available like all cards in Sangoma AFT family, the Sangoma A104 is field upgradable with crash-proof firmware. .

Choose the Sangoma Sangoma A104D and A104DE, equiped with world class DSP hardware to achieve carrier-grade Echo Cancellation and Voice Quality Enhancement functions for your telephone systems. .


Sangoma A104 T1/E1 Status Alarms

  • ALOSV: Loss of Signal alarm
  • LOS: Receive Loss of Signal
  • ALTLOS: Alternate loss of Signal Status
  • OOF: Out of Frame
  • RED: Telco Red Alarm condition
  • AIS: Alarm Indication Signal
  • OOSMFV: Loss of Signaling Multiframe
  • OOCMFV: Loss of CRC Multiframe
  • OOOFV: Out of Off-Line Frame
  • RAIV: Receive Loss of Signal
  • YEL: Receive Telco Yellow Alarm

Sangoma A104 Line Protocols

  • ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, HDLC, PPP, SS7, Transparent bit-stream, BSC.

Sangoma A104 Operating Systems

  • Linux (all versions, releases and distributions from 1.0 up), FreeBSD, Open BSD.

Sangoma A104 Higher Level Protocols

  • IP/IPX over Frame Relay/ PPP/ HDLC/ X.25, X.25 over Frame Relay (Annex G), BSC over X.25 (DMT and TCOP), SNA over X.25, PPPoE, PPPoA, IP over ATM.

Sangoma A104 Warranty

  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labour.

Sangoma A104 Certification

  • FCC Part 15 Class A, FCC Part 68, CE.

Sangoma A104 Diagnostic Tools

  • WANPIPEMON, SNMP, System logs.

Sangoma A104 Production Quality

  • ISO 9002

More About Sangoma A104 Quad Voice and Data Card

Sangoma A104 Features and Functions

    * Intelligent hardware: Downloadable Field Programmable Gate Array programming with multiple operating modes:
    * Sangoma A104 T1/E1 and fractional T1/E1, single channel HDLC per line
    * Sangoma A104 Power: 520mA at 5v
    * Sangoma A104 MTBF: > 1 Million hours Calculated.
    * PCI 32 bit 5v and 64 bit 3.3v compatible.
    * Sangoma A104 Temperature range: 0 - 45C.
    * All set-up and configuration is in software or by machine BIOS.
    * DSU/CSU set up entirely in software.
    * Line decoding: HDB3, AMI, B8ZS.
    * Framing: CRC4, non-CRC4, ESF, D4T1/E1.
    * Clocking mode: Normal , Master.
    * Software controlled DSU/CSU test modes.
    * Remote monitoring of card and CSU/DSU operation.
    * Sangoma A104  Dimensions: 2U Form factor: 120mm x 55 mm.

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