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Digium Cards > Digium Cards Analog cards > AEX800 Series Analog cards > Digium AEX842B Digium card
Part No : DGM-AEX842B

Digium AEX842B Digium card

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Digium AEX842B comes with an AEX800P base card / (1) S400M / (2) X100M Bundle Digium AEX842BAEX800 is a half-length PCI-Express 1.0-compliant, 8 port analog interface card. It supports combinations of station and/or trunk/line modules for a total of eight (8) interfaces. Like our PCI-based TDM800P, Digium AEX842B AEX800 provides an industry first with 8 standard two-wire, RJ-11 interfaces on a single card bracket. Digium AEX842Beliminates the need for multiple brackets, external dongles, or splitters. In doing so, the AEX800 reduces part complexity, cable clutter, and points of failure. Digium AEX842B AEX800 contains two module banks. Each bank supports up to four analog interfaces and may be filled either with one standard Digium quad station (S400M) or line/trunk (X400M) analog module, or up to two standard Digium single analog station (S110M) or line/trunk (X100M) modules, enabling the creation of any combination of ports Digium AEX842B optional VPMADT032 hardware echo cancellation module provides 1024 taps (128 milliseconds) of echo cancellation for superior echo cancellation on both types of analog interfaces. If the hardware echo cancellation module is not installed, Digium AEX842B, AEX800 may be used in conjunction with Digium's High Performance Echo Cancellation (HPEC) software, a commercial and toll quality hybrid echo cancellation solution. Digium's HPEC provides 16ms to 128ms of selectable near-end ITU G.168 compliant echo cancellation in software. Using Digium AEX842B card in concert with Digium's Asterisk software, standard PC hardware, and the Linux OS, you can create SMB or SOHO telephony environments capable of satisfying the needs of small or medium business applications at an industry-leading price.


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